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t for more▓ than 80 percent of the lighting system, the minister▓ said, adding that devices have been installed in the four permanent buildings

to recover all rainwater. The minister, who was born in Shanghai in 1952, said he hoped the high technologies to be showed and applied during th

e ▓exposition could be applied to the daily life of every o▓ne and help Shanghai boost industrial development and▓ restructuring. "As science wor

kers, we will take the exposition as a good opportunity to learn the R&D ideas of other countries and the latest technologies from them," he▓ said. BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Premier Wen Jia▓bao said during an inspection tour to East China over ▓the weekend that the country would rely on science▓ and technology advancements to meet its carbon emissions reduction targets.When visiting the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, W▓en encouraged researchers to develop key technologies for electric vehicles and vehicles with high energy efficiency and low emissions. He said China would adjust its "consumption policies" to push for the development of automob▓iles with low emissions and high energy efficiency, and "v▓igorously support" the development of electric cars▓. On Thursday, the State Council announced to cut China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2020 by 40 to 45 percent from the level of 2005. While visiting Sha▓nghai and the neighboring Jiangsu Province, Wen call▓ed for a more balanced and energy-efficient econ

omic development model. He said China must speed up shifting its eco▓nomic growth to a new pattern that depends not just on investment and export but also on domestic demand. 銆€銆€By Yi Ling and Ye Hui 銆€銆€LHASA, March 19 (Xinhua) -- Lighting the alcohol lamp at the laboratory sometimes▓ reminds Cering Zhoigar of the first time, with help from ▓her grandmother, she lit a butter lamp as a little girl an▓d placed it in front of a Buddha statue on the Tibetan New Year Eve. 銆€銆€The flames of the different lamps have bot

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